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The image is of a book cover: Nasreen's Park by Priya Vasudevan. It has the protagonist girl in the foreground while children are playing in a park in the back as she's viewing this vibrant park scene.

Nasreen's Park by Priya Vasudevan

Join Nasreen, the lonely orphan, condemned to a lonely life in a library until she meets Bangaru, the magical cat. Discover the transformative power of friendship and the magic that lies within. Embark on an exciting, magical adventure with Nasreen, Bangaru, Murugan and a group of unlikely allies who unite to protect their cherished park from the clutches of greedy real-estate sharks. Cavort with these remarkable characters in "Nasreen's Park': an unforgettable adventure of love, courage, and the preservation of something truly special. Share Nasreen's extraordinary journey of resilience, friendship, and the compelling  secret to life  that she uncovers along the way.

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