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Wooden Carvings in a Monastery


The Full Story

A dream, a thought provoking case, a philosophical question, I draw inspiration for my books from multiple sources. I am a lawyer, writer and trainer, arbitrator and mediator, therefore I have a rich library of experiences to draw on. Nasreen’s Park  reflects my experiences as a student and young adult, while Middle Time was inspired by a vision of beauty emerging from the walls of the Queen’s Bath at Hampi and the motivation for Stone Flowers, was a batch of cases for tribal land rights, that I was part of in my initial years of practice.

When I was four years old, I wrote my first play 'Ratnaharam Dorkindi' (The Finding of the Necklace) and my sister and I put it up before an appreciative audience- my family. I continued making up tales to amuse my family, but my tentative attempts to achieve publication met with resistance, though a poem of mine won me a place in an acting group in my last year at school.

I entered practice as a lawyer and the rigorous schedule left me with no energy to create, especially as, in those days everything had to be written out or manually typed.  We have always had cats and my husband and I co-wrote a number of stories for children on cats. They never were published, but I had exercised my writing muscle and from time to time, I wrote a few words.

In 1994, I was working part-time as I had a daughter to care for and I began to write short stories. I was pleasantly surprised when Children's World and then Target, accepted my stories and for a few years thereon, I was invited to write in the annual issue of Children's World.

Nasreen's Park was born of a challenge. I was moaning about something I had read, and he said, 'Why don't you write something you like?' Just like that, Nasreen took shape, though it took some time to induce Orient Longman (now Orient Blackswan) to publish it. I wish I could say that there was no looking back after that but sadly, I went back to producing short stories, until suddenly, one day, I remembered our trip to Hampi and Maya, appearing before me in a vision as I sat in the Princess's Bath Hall. Middle Time fell into place after many rejections.

In between my books, I go about my business as a lawyer, writer and trainer. As a lawyer, I have written training manuals and trained teachers, lawyers and judges in human rights law. As well, I  serve as an Arbitrator and Mediator. I co-wrote Contempt of Court in Halsbury's Laws of India for Butterworths India Limited (now Lexis Nexis). My articles have been published in magazines such as Femina.

I now look forward to publishing my second adult novel in the Maya Trilogy, 'Stone Flowers'.

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